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My love of fashion began at 5 years old when I was FINALLY the proud owner of those white vinyl go go boots I'd been eyeing! Sitting in Kindergarten with my feet up on the art table so everyone could see them. Yes, that kind of behavior did have a certain fate... but armed with those boots, there was no stopping me. Going fishing as a little girl in a tutu and tiara seemed the only way to go... and fortunately I had a dad that felt the same! Fast forward to now (and I still own a pair of white vinyl go go boots)...


I am currently teaching fashion design and technology courses including fashion illustration, computer illustration, technical design/drawing for fashion, computer pattern making, concept/product development, digital textile design, fashion marketing, and portfolio courses for the Art Institute of California and have taught Costume History at FIDM.


Having worked as the Director of Emerging Designers/liaison between emerging designers and fianle night of OC Fashion Week as well liaison between student designers and New York Fashion Week it's easy to say that I'm within my element and enjoy a fast paced creative environment.


I extensively use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Excel personally as well as in my courses. I sit on the advisory board of Christopher Grayson, a NYC company at the forefront of combining luxury and technology. I also am a contributing author/illustrator to in New York who provides industry leading Adobe for Fashion training. I have worked with fashion/costume in the film industry and currently the creative director/designer for a small children’s wear company launching here in Los Angeles, LunaSprite. I am a CAD artist/designer using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Gerber, and Lectra: Kaledo for concept development, illustration, graphics, patterns, textile design and engineered digital prints.




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